How was the bond project list determined?

Significant evaluation and preparation precedes decisions regarding our school district’s needs. For this particular bond, the school board, school administration, maintenance personnel, and selected teachers met over the course of one year to discuss the future needs of our school population and our present facilities. We selected the current project scope as a result of those meetings.


Will all bond proposal revenue stay within the public school district?

YES. All revenue from the bond proposal will remain in the district—none of it will be taken by the county, another school district, or a political entity. The bond funds can only be used for bond proposal projects and cannot be used for any of the following:


Why is it necessary to reinvest in facilities?

We are proud of what we have already accomplished within our school district and the resulting success of our students. In order to continue serving present and future students, we need to provide them with an innovative, safe, and updated learning environment. We have no doubt this investment will have a positive impact on our community, as young students feel valued throughout their education and return here to live, work, and raise families.


Will the bond proposal impact my taxes?

NO. If voters approve the bond proposal, the current tax rate will not change, meaning there will be no tax rate increase. None. Zero!


If the vote passes, when will construction begin and end?

Hausmann Construction has established a timeline for the new-build , with work scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2026. We will announce specific dates for groundbreaking, topping out, substantial completion, and final completion as soon as they are available.